E VET mucOfit prebiotic
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Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Pferde

High-quality feed, without cereal or grain, for horses with sensitive stomachs and stress-related stomach diseases.

Gastric problems occurring in horses lead to the formation of gastric ulcers more often than you think. In the past mainly sport horses were affected, these days, even in recreational horses, gastric ulcers are frequently being diagnosed. The main causes are insufficient high-fibre feed, poor and inadequate fodder rations, incorrect feeding and care techniques, as well as stress.
E VET mucOfit prebiotic is especially formulated to ensure an essential acid-base balance in the stomach, is rich in stomach-friendly ingredients such as mucilaginous linseed and a special prebiotic. A high proportion of structurally and vitally rich alfalfa and Timothy hay reliably promotes the mastication intensity when consuming the muesli. This can increase salivation and achieve a positive stomach-friendly effect. Lignocellulose contributes to the binding and retention of excess stomach acid. The white poppy seed extract (Macleaya cordata) can have a positive effect on prostaglandin release and thus also indirectly influences the inflammatory processes in the gastric mucosa. Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, a concentrated prebiotic, can sustainably stabilise the intestinal flora. The inulin contained therein serves as an excellent food source for bifidobacteria and supports the health of the intestinal flora. The pectins contained in the fruit pomace additionally provide a stimulating effect on the intestinal peristalsis. E VET mucOfit preobiotic is rich in easily digestible raw fibres and vegetable oils, and has an ideal very low sugar and starch content. In addition, the cold-pressed milk thistle oil with polyunsaturated fatty acids has a positive effect on muscles, skin and coat.

The benefits at a glance:
- to help with all types of stomach problems
- can bind excess stomach acid and thereby protects the stomach lining
- contains Jerusalem artichoke concentrate and poppy seed extract
- supports the intensity of mastication and salivation
- starch and sugar reduced by the use of quality Timothy hay

87,00 g/kg seeduvat proteiini 9,40 MJ/kg seeduvat energiat

lutsernijahu 38,6 %
Timothy grass 10,5 %
kuivatatud lutsern (hein) 8,0 %
kuivatatud puuvili (õun) 7,9 %
riisikliid 7,7 %
päevalilleseemned 5,0 %
lignotselluloos 4,9 %
linaseemned 2,9 %
purustatud jaanikaun 2,6 %
maarjaohakaõli 2,6 %
herne helbed 2,5 %
Jerusalem artichoke 2,0 %
Peedimelass 1,1 %
banaanikrõpsud 1,0 %
kuivatatud porgand 0,9 %
kaltsiumkarbonaat 0,8 %
naatriumkloriid 0,4 %
Artišokk 0,1 %
maarjaohaka ürt 0,1 %
viirpuulehed 0,1 %
Ginko lehed 0,1 %
võilill 0,1 %
Toorproteiin 12,50 %
Toorõlid ja -rasvad 7,50 %
Toorkiud 22,00 %
Toortuhk 8,00 %
Kaltsium 1,30 %
Fosfor 0,50 %
Magneesium 0,25 %
Naatrium 0,20 %
Tärklis 3,00 %
Suhkur 5,00 %
Vitamin A (3a672a) 10.000,00 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671) 600,00 I.E.
E-vitamiin (3a700) 150,00 mg
Vitamiin C (3a312) 31,00 mg
Vitamiin B1 (3a821) 6,00 mg
Vitamiin B2 (3a825i) 6,00 mg
Vitamiin B6 kui püridoksiinhüdrokloriid (3a831) 6,00 mg
Vitamiin B12 kui vitamiin B12-preparaat 15,00 mcg
Niatsiin (3a314) 15,00 mg
Pantoteenhape kui kaltsium-D-pantotenaadi preparaat 12,00 mg
Biotiin (3a880) 199,00 mcg
Foolhape (3a316) 2,30 mg
Koliinkloriid (3a890) 75,00 mg
Raud (3b103) (raud (II)sulfaat, monohüdraat) 100,00 mg
Mangaan (3b502) (mangaan(II)oksiid) 50,00 mg
Tsinkoksiid (3b603) 90,00 mg
Vask (3b405) (vask(II)sulfaat, pentahüdraat) 15,00 mg
Seleen (3b801) (naatriumseleniit) 0,25 mg
Jood (3b202) (kaltsiumjodaat, veevaba) 1,00 mg
Macleaya cordata 0,030 mg
Subject to change


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