Körnerpick Chicken-Ball XXL
Complementary Feed
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Complementary feed for poultry to support picking activity

The playful feed activity for your chicken

Our Chicken-Ball XXL are GMO-free feed balls that encourage playful activity among your flock. The best plant-based ingredients, such as sunflower seeds, maize and peanuts, have been combined to make a palatable blend that provides your chickens with vital plant-based nutrients. Our Chicken-Ball XXL are available with and without nets so that they can be hung in the coop or placed on the ground. The round shape and rolling motion of these feed balls satisfy the natural pecking instinct of your chickens while engaging them in play.

The benefits at a glance:

  • playful occupation
  • satisfies the urge to pick
  • available with or without net
  • particularly tasty

Oils and Fats
Corn (broken)
Toorproteiin 9,90 %
Toorõlid ja -rasvad 29,90 %
Toorkiud 6,50 %
Toortuhk 3,50 %
Kaltsium 0,85 %
Fosfor 0,30 %
Lüsiin 0,30 %
Naatrium 0,01 %
Subject to change


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