Körnerpick EMH Chicken-Mash
Complementary Feed
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Complementary feed for poultry

Innovative, easily digestible complementary feed with EMH

Our EMH Chicken-Mash is an innovative supplementary feed, which is guaranteed to be readily accepted by your chickens due to its high quality. This also makes it ideal for poor eaters. Fed soaked, this extremely tasty mash is enjoyed by chickens and adds variety to the feeding trough. It is also easily digestible thanks to the addition of our Eggersmann Mikro-Herbs, a plant extract fermented by microorganisms. The wild, medicinal and aromatic herbs in EMH support your chickens’ immune system, which will help to keep them in better overall health.
Our EMH Chicken-Mash is also suitable for feeding geese and ducks.

The benefits at a glance:

  • is fed soaked
  • only needs to steep for approx. 10-15min
  • ideal for heavy-fed chicken
  • can support digestion
  • also suitable for poultry such as geese & ducks

nisukliid22,8 %
kaer17,0 %
odrahelbed14,8 %
maisihelbed12,2 %
linaseeme7,8 %
kuivatatud puuvili (õun)7,7 %
mais5,2 %
Peedimelass4,3 %
kaltsiumkarbonaat2,5 %
naatriumkloriid1,3 %
dikaltsiumfosfaat1,2 %
teraviljajäägid0,7 %
kääritatud taimne ekstrakt (EMH)0,6 %
magneesiumoksiid0,6 %
õllepärm0,5 %
maarjaohakaõli0,5 %
Toorproteiin11,00 %
Toorõlid ja -rasvad6,60 %
Toorkiud7,80 %
Toortuhk9,50 %
Kaltsium1,30 %
Fosfor0,70 %
Naatrium0,50 %
Lüsiin0,40 %
Metioniin0,18 %
Vitamin A (3a672a) NA10.000,00 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671) NA800,00 I.E.
E-vitamiin (3a700) NA100,00 mg
Propionic acid (1k280)498,00 mg
Propionsäure aus Natriumpropionat (1k281) TA324,00 mg

NA = Toitumuslikud lisandid
ZA = Zootehnilised lisandid
TA = tehnoloogilised lisandid
SA = Sensory additives
Subject to change


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