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Our new Vitalize Sport Plus Muesli is an ideal hard food for horses with increasingly higher and high levels of work. It is very tasty and balanced due to selected ingredients and is also easy to digest thanks to the addition of AO-Ferm™.

Vitalize Sport Plus is a high-energy special muesli that is specially adapted to the increased energy and nutritional requirements of sport horses in training and at competitions. The increased level of essential amino acids lysine and methionine provides optimum support for powerful muscles, facilitates muscle development and muscle regeneration. The addition of hydrothermally treated grain and milk thistle oil provides the organism with easily digestible, quickly accessible energy. An adapted mix of vitamins, trace elements and minerals ensures ideal metabolism support and a high level of vitality in times of extensive strain.
The addition of AO-Ferm™, a fermentation product of the Aspergillus oryzae fungus, has a prebiotic effect and can increase the digestibility of crude fibre and starch. The nutrients ingested in the feed can be better absorbed and used by the body. As a prebiotic, AO-Ferm™ is the food for living microorganisms in the horse's digestive tract. The growth and the multiplication of the good microbes in the intestine can be stimulated and an optimally utilised digestion of the nutrients can thus be guaranteed. Vitalize Sport Plus is our muesli for your competition horse.

The benefits at a glance:
• For high-performance horses - rapid energy and nutrient supply
• With the prebiotic AO-Ferm™ for optimised nutrient absorption and more effective digestibility
• With the essential amino acids lysine and methionine to support strong muscles
• Highly digestible thanks to AO-Ferm™ and expanded, hydrothermally treated grains
• rich in omega-3 fatty acids

93,6 g/kg seeduvat proteiini 12,50 MJ/kg seeduvat energiat

odrahelbed 32,9 %
maisihelbed 27,0 %
nisukliid 8,9 %
sojaekstrakti jäägid, aur-kuumutatus 4,2 %
Peedimelass 4,1 %
paisutatud mais 4,0 %
maarjaohakaõli 4,0 %
kaerakestakliid 3,0 %
melass 2,7 %
linaseemned 2,0 %
päevalillejahu 2,0 %
kaltsiumkarbonaat 1,7 %
lutsernijahu 1,5 %
dikaltsiumfosfaat 0,6 %
mais 0,4 %
naatriumkloriid 0,3 %
oder 0,2 %
Product from Aspergillus oryzae, high in protein 0,1 %
magneesiumoksiid 0,1 %
Toorproteiin 11,80 %
Toorõlid ja -rasvad 6,50 %
Toorkiud 5,70 %
Toortuhk 6,00 %
Kaltsium 1,00 %
Fosfor 0,50 %
Naatrium 0,15 %
Magneesium 0,20 %
Tärklis 38,00 %
Suhkur 4,00 %
Vitamin A (3a672a) 20.000,00 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671) 1.200,00 I.E.
E-vitamiin (3a700) 350,00 mg
Vitamiin C (3a312) 48,00 mg
Vitamiin B1 (3a821) 2,00 mg
Vitamiin B2 (3a825i) 3,00 mg
Vitamiin B6 kui püridoksiinhüdrokloriid (3a831) 2,00 mg
Vitamiin B12 kui vitamiin B12-preparaat 24,00 mcg
Niatsiin (3a314) 24,00 mg
Pantoteenhape kui kaltsium-D-pantotenaadi preparaat 16,00 mg
Biotiin (3a880) 480,00 mcg
Foolhape (3a316) 2,40 mg
Koliinkloriid (3a890) 80,00 mg
Raud (3b103) (raud (II)sulfaat, monohüdraat) 25,00 mg
Mangaan (3b502) (mangaan(II)oksiid) 40,00 mg
Tsinkoksiid (3b603) 65,00 mg
Vask (3b405) (vask(II)sulfaat, pentahüdraat) 10,00 mg
Seleen (3b801) (naatriumseleniit) 0,20 mg
Jood (3b202) (kaltsiumjodaat, veevaba) 0,50 mg
Diatomiitmuld (E551c) 250,00 mg
Subject to change


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